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  • CFDs carry risk. 73% of traders lose
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  • 3.0
    Personal Experience
    Yeah. I've read negative reviews about Markets Trader as well, but haven't seen actual problems from actual users. Disclaimer: Am using Markets Trader myself :)
  • 1.0
    You will lose your money!
    I experimented a lot with this site. It seems there is NO winning strategy (unless you are very lucky, or not using the margin) for the following reasons: The margin is too high so they encourage you to lose your money; The site is not working properly in urgent times (when you need to close a position, there is a slow response/ or a technical issue), especially from the mobile App. The response is too slow sometimes. They introduced a bonus system. PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT the BONUS. It is just a trap top make you lose more money!!! In summary, stay away from this!!!!
  • 1.0
    SCAM: Changing trading terms on open positions & autoclosing CFD positions without notice allows itself to change their CFD trading policy on open positions. conveniently autoclosed all my Ripple (20K) positions with 1 day notice just 2 days after some very encouraging Ripple-news hit the news and the value tripled overnight. Ironically, changed their policy to “protect” Retail customers for losing money on their trades. My wallet would have been valued at around €40K by today. Instead, paid out my initial investment (deducting all fees of course). Be aware, don’t trade on! It’s a scam!
  • 3.0
    Dont Bother
    they keep turning off buy options on anything crypto in last week only been able to trade 2 days they turn it off without warning or reason and i basically have money I carnt spend they also have poor customer service they should not be in business with crypto
  • 1.0
    Buggy platform, errors, cant close position, losing money
    I have very bad experience with this broker from August to December 2017. The bad experience does not come only from crypto trading but also from commodities trading. I was not able to close or open position when things looked the most prosperous for me (good). Its very bad when you see red line and it go down for 5 minutes and you cant close buy order. I could understand a bit they dont allow you to open new orders for crypto when its going well, but standard its double when they are making money they will not say "we did this to protect you and us", but when you have chance to make profit they will answer "we did this to protect you and us". This is of course total crap, they only protected them self from losing money. What it bothers me the most is when they change rules on already open possition. If some order is open they should not chang rule for open order (they changed overnigh interest rate).
  • 1.0
    Bad Operator
    Horrilbe spreads on cryptocurrencies, some days wildly different pricing and other days such as today although my stocks are trading in the market.. does not show me updates or even allows me to close down my trades...
  • 1.0
    Total Scam
    Odds are fixed on criptocurrencies and huge spreads, they dont offer the same price as the exchange markets, sometimes even being $200 hugher, then they dinamically change spreads to sometimes 4X of what you started with and when theres volatility they hold out for the highs and lows... Manipulated market IMO...
  • 5.0
    SUPER dooper broker.
    Good Broker
  • 4.0
    Good experience
    Not a pro, but signed up and deposited some small money to deal on forex while the Brexit was happening. Overall positive experience.
  • 4.0
    Choices of Trading Platforms
    You can trade with the MT4 platform or their Markets WebTrader
  • 4.0
    Up To 25 Different Languages Supported

    You don’t have to worry if English is not your mother tongue when you talk to the support staffs 

    David A. Coffey
  • 5.0
    Four Main Types Of Trading Platforms Available

    You can chose from the popular MT4 platform or the web based Sirix trading platform

    Adonai Colón Hernádez
  • 4.0
    3 Different Types Of Bonuses Offered

    The broker gives you bonus when you sign up and make your first deposit with them

    Manfredo Folliero
  • 4.0
    More Than 2 Dozen Countries Supported On A Local Level

    They provide extensive support for 25 different countries

    Matthias Muller
  • 5.0
    Wide Range Of Tradable Assets

    They have around 300 types of assets to trade with

    Christian Oliver
  • 4.0
    Regulated Broker
    You don’t have to worry about them running away with your money
    Ševalija Kelemina
  • 4.0
    Choices of Trading Platforms

    You can trade with the MT4 platform or their Markets WebTrader

    Ludovico Dellucci
  • 5.0
    Localized Telephone Numbers For Customer Support Provided

    There are more than 30 countries with localized customer support telephone numbers 

    Bartlett Grandbois
  • 5.0
    Round The Clock Customer Support

    Help is always a phone call or a click of the mouse away

    Daniel Babický
  • 4.0
    They Provide You With A Wide Range Of Trading Tools

    There are plenty of tools that you can use to do verify your market analysis

    Mateus Oliveira Gomes
  • 4.0
    unacceptable verification procedure...

    i m new to forex trading but when i try to make deposit here using my visa card .. i feel weird ,coz they had made unacceptable verification procedure...

  • 4.0
    good not best

    It's good while starting account but not better service. I don't know if this is true that the brokers trade against us after they direct the clients to certain share.

    I'm new so i will have to wait and see.

  • 5.0
    Incredible is

    I am new to but through their support and guidance of trading makes them one of the best brokers that is why i prefer them.Their services are good and they offer very good opportunities.Best brokers

  • 5.0
    I just became old enough to trade Forex. I opened my demo account and then went right to real money trades. I made lots of money with high leverage. 1:200 is so cool!
    Linus Weber
  • 5.0 (was Go Markets)
    I like I tried some other smaller brokers but they are not as good. I dislike that they don’t allow hedging but I like their charting and their leverage abilities.
    Maurice Molyneux
  • 5.0
    I found to be the best so far
    I’ve been through most of the big brokers. I don’t particularly love any but at least Markets has a decent website and is open with their information. I have had success with them.
    Max Hahn
  • 4.0 review.
    I am super happy with I didn’t think I could make this much money online. But is honest brokers and if you earn it, you get it. SO I got it! The only thing I dislike is the spread on USD/MXN.
    Nacho Sira
  • 5.0, from a professional Day Trader
    I trade all day long. Mostly I scalp and I like that Markets doesn’t give me problems with that. Even when I’m on the go, I can keep up with my portfolio with their different Web andMobileplatforms.
    Donato Coca
  • 4.0 Review
    I opened my account with only $50 because at first I was skeptical. Now I have invested over $5,000 and my account keeps growing. I trade in stocks, gold and sliver, oil and Forex. I like trying to work on different markets and lets me do that.
    Pepe Jarro
  • 5.0
    Markets is the place for me
    I have tried everywhere. SO many places gave me such a hard time. is the opposite. They have a live chat, answered my questions, let me earn money and withdraw it.
    Elenora Giordano
  • 5.0’s mobile platforms are good
    There are several factors which make me like over their competitors. I travel a lot. I’m on the go almost year round. I can still trade well with Java and Mobile Traders.
    Faalhaas Cornelis
  • 5.0, Review by Luc
    I am very happy using’s 200:1 leverage to trade Forex. My internet connection is unreliable and I often trade by phone. I am completely satisfied.
    Luc Dupuis
  • 4.0 let me earn quickly
    I found most brokers are not registered with the MiFID and I got out of there right quick. They tell you one thing and before you know it your hard earned money’s gone. is regulated and that’s why I’m with them.
    Neville Meath

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