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Rayn M.
The conditions I need

I don't often leave reviews but wanted to take some time to give some feedback on Eightcap and my dealings with them over the last 2-3 years. I've been trading for the last nine years and have been around enough to understand what constitutes a quality broker. I joined EightCap back in 2016, had some small investments in fx but then moved back to another broker based in the UK. Since then I was watching the market fairly closely to ensure I'm getting a fair experience and also to ensure I'm keeping up with the market in general. I stopped trading with Eightcap for about 6 months but then got back in touch with them in early 2017 to get my account back up and running. They were a little slow in response times back in 2017 but since then i've seen the service flourish. They've picked up their game in terms of product and technology offering and have now become a stable broker I can rely on. I do a lot of travel with work throughout the UK, France & Australia no matter which team of theirs I speak to I always get treated with respect and have ended up developing some quality relationships with some of the staff there. From a profitiability perspective I've manage to create relatively consistent growth on my investments into forex and indices. I've made mistakes when trading previously but managing to always learn from those mistakes is critical. Managing your emotions is a very important aspect of what can be an enjoyable and frustrating experience. Out of all investing that I do, i trade forex and indices at about 20% of my total investments. Happy to say that Eightcap have enabled me to enter markets with the conditions I need to get to the positions I need to be in. Impressed with how they've growth their business and happy to be apart of the journey with them. Looking forward to a big 2019!